This website shows drawings that I have made since 2008 as well as videos commissioned to shed more light on two exhibitions in 2018 and 2019. The ‘Vanities’ section strays from the 2008 cut-off point and starts in 1966 showing photographs of me standing before my artworks from my art school days onwards. The trope of the artist, posing before the work is one that I had never paid much attention to until I realised I had more than fifty years of these pictures. Clearly, my work has changed a lot in this long period and has gone through the range of possibilities available to artists of no fixed discipline – except perhaps drawing. Evidence of this change can be seen on the page entitled: ‘2019 (1974) Superimpression’ which compares a performance/installation I created while working in the Sculpture Department at the University of Auckland NZ in 1974 and a 2018-19 reconstruction at the Auckland Museum including the drawings that I made at the time. Drawing was ancillary to my practice then, whereas now it is central to it.

A further section entitled ‘Academic papers’ contains journal articles written since 2008. Exceptions to this rule is the Tate Papers essay commissioned in 2006, which outlines my eventual thesis. The thesis ‘Conscripting the Jura-Paris road: Military themes in the work of Marcel Duchamp’ 2007 can be accessed through the University of South Wales.