This website displays a variety of drawings that I have made since completing my PhD in 2008. Nearly all of these acknowledge a debt to the French artist Marcel Duchamp. His skill in combining precision and chance has always attracted me. Typically, my drawings develop in multiples that expand on one idea. Several of these were made in an open rowing boat over the period of months when my working habit of using clusters of pencils, along with the inevitable changes in wind and weather combined to interfere with the refining process of drawing. With a nod to Duchamp I try to use pencils in multiples of three, although the dictates of a piece like ‘Seven Senior Citizens’ called for seven of them. The series called ‘Ghost Gear’ was made with 12 pencils, sometimes needing both hands to hold them together, particularly when the weather was cold. With so many pencils, all dreams of certainty have to concede to clumsiness and the inevitable fluctuations of chance, which can if I’m lucky, reveal unexpected possibilities also.

The entry ‘Papers: MD et al’ contains essays that I have contributed to various publications in this same period.