Kieran Lyons is an artist and writer based in South Wales.

After graduating from the sculpture department at the Bath Academy of Art, Kieran took his Masters Degree in America, graduating in Sculpture from the School of Art & Architecture at Yale University. From there, he travelled to New Zealand with a fellowship at the University of Auckland and started to produce large scale installation works with a fictional company called E-Z-Gro.

Returning to London in 1977, Kieran joined the video/ performance collective at 2B Butler’s Wharf producing video performances, and presenting them in London, Belfast, Newcastle and Dublin.

Since this time Kieran has worked and exhibited throughout Britain while teaching in an evolving programme at the University of Wales, Newport. He was awarded a PhD, from Roy Ascott’s CAiiA-STAR programme, in 2008 with a thesis on the military influences in the work of Marcel Duchamp. He retired from teaching in 2010 and the artworks, journal articles, book reviews and written papers included here have been made since then.

Since 2010 he has been an affiliate of the University of Plymouth UK as a contributing researcher in Michael Punt’s Transtechnology Research Programme, through which a selection of papers on this site have been published.

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