Academic Papers

Most of my writing develops from my PhD, which considered the implications of militarism on Marcel Duchamp, surfacing, clearly, in his text the ‘Jura-Paris road’ of 1912 and then re-appearing periodically, in his work between 1905 and 1945. Perhaps Duchamp’s interest in chance came in response to the restrictions imposed upon him by compulsory military service. This subject has also been the topic of papers and journal articles. A selection can be seen on this site.
2016: The Beat of 5 Hearts: Dagognet, Duchamp, Marey and ‘the Jura-Paris road’
2013: The Pier, the Bandstand and the Electric Picture Palace: Marcel Duchamp in 1913
2013: Andy Warhol and the Cinematic Eclipse of Marcel Duchamp
2012: Mental Structures, Military Music: l’enfant phare and the Jura-Paris road
2011: Visual Arrangements in Duchamp's Etant donnés and Warburg's Mnemosyne
2009:Fat and failure: Marcel Duchamp's military imagination
2006: Military Avoidance: Marcel Duchamp and the 'Jura-Paris Road'