Chinook Interference Pattern, 2012

There are two, or perhaps four Chinook helicopters in this drawing, we see them in front elevation as if flying straight towards us at eye level, but since everything is flipped over and reflected, vertically as well as horizontally there will be more of them and more again if the water reflections of the helicopters are included as well. The army (or is it the RAF) use the Wye valley as a training ground and the aircraft fly low enough to create ripples on the surface of the water and reverberations through the hull of my boat. The site is so appalling that I have to resist the urge to take cover along the water’s edge; the acoustic nature of the winding river valley between high cliffs means that the direction and approach of the aircraft is uncertain until they suddenly appear, low against the background of cliffs, by which time thoughts of flight would be futile. The drawing before the Chinooks interposed themselves was based on earlier drawings of the river Wye and made from my boat. Here the drawings are reproduced in my studio with tripled-up mechanical pencils.

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