Erratum Familial, 2013

This installation follows on from Duchamp’s ‘3 Standard Stoppages’ (3 Stoppages étalons) of 1913. The units of measurement in this instance are the informal marks that parents make to record the heights of their children as they grow up. These marks are often found near doorways or on the actual frames. Here they are seen under layers of wallpaper. Three names appear alongside these marks: ‘Marcel’, ‘Yvonne’ and ‘Magdeleine’. Beneath one of the layers, and partially obscured by it, we see a small child’s drawing of a marching file of soldiers. Above is the remnant of a note that Duchamp might have scrawled onto the wall about a line of thread being dropped from a particular height. The way the torn wallpaper has been left bears a passing resemblance to Duchamp’s first experiment with chance ‘3 Standard Stoppages’.

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