Kieran Lyons

1 - 15 June 2018

The Sustainable Studio
7 Curran Road | Cardiff | CF10 5NE

OPEN HINGE brings together different projects in Kieran Lyons’ practice, all unified by his method of drawing with loosely clustered pencils. This process results in a dispersed and fugitive view of his themes that never- theless reinforce the mark making aspects of drawing over the particularities of subject matter. The French artist Marcel Duchamp might have recognized the erratic quality in these drawings. He would have called the method demultiplication, a way of transforming the animated subject into layered and competing parallel strokes. Lyons’ subjects vary, they are drawn from a childhood sketch by the six-year-old Duchamp, an 1828 seascape by Turner, seven seated Buddhas from the Ellora caves in India and the fugitive beauty of the Wye valley drawn from a drifting boat. Three evenings of drawing at Welsh National Opera’s recent production of Rosenkavelier come to their conclusion here also. Duchamp has always been a wellspring for Kieran Lyons and most of these drawings respond to different formulations of his. The use of the term ‘hinge’ in the title of the show comes directly from Duchamp where he discusses the potential of the hinge as a device that transforms the dimensional aspect of things. In Lyons’ case these ‘things’ are the subjects listed above.


15 June 2018

CLOSE HINGE took the form of a live promenade concert in the Sustainable Studio gallery by the soprano April Fredrick. April selected songs from her recorded repertoire and performed an improvised piece for voice and violin on themes suggested by the drawings in the show. Kieran Lyons also sang and was joined by the Singing Club of Chepstow and Usk, director Jayne Thomas. Piano accompaniment throughout by Jayne Thomas and Annette Pagliaro.

Songs by Cole Porter, Steven Sondheim, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin as well as a lute song by John Dowland and art songs by Ivor Gurney, John Ireland and Erich Korngold.

View Open Hinge and Close Hinge videos here

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